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In an age where technology is advancing at an incredibly high speed and the pandemic has shifted consumers almost entirely over to ecommerce platforms, there are vast opportunities for talented marketing professionals. With new consumer behaviors driving business today, graduates armed with the latest tools and trends in the industry are transforming the digital marketing scene.

Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation with Digital Marketing (hereinafter – Online Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing) will prepare students for this very exciting, fast-paced creative arena focused on digital marketing strategies. Take the reins and become a leading force employing initiatives and campaigns that embrace innovation and challenge traditional methods.

While studying for an Online Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing degree, students will gain the groundwork based on theory, design, and application of advertisement and promotional techniques to run successful business operations. Our specifically designed curriculum provides students with an in-depth knowledge of consumer decision-making, and various concepts and theories that are used to evaluate and predict consumer behavior and relevant outcomes.

Using social media platforms and other digital instruments, students will have a competitive practical advantage over their peers that involves extensive integration and application of social media and innovative technologies. Our Online Business Bachelor with Digital Marketing students further develop their skills through hands-on real-world digital marketing activities, case studies, networking engagements, online conferences, and learning from digital applications and simulations we offer through our online campus.

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