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Horario flexible.

Título europeo. Podrás buscar trabajo en la Unión Europea.​

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The Online Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation with Fashion and Luxury (hereinafter Online Business Bachelor with Fashion and Luxury) is perfect for candidates who aspire to work in the luxury and fashion goods sector. This online Business Bachelor with Fashion and Luxury prepares professionals ready to meet the challenges of post pandemic world by developing creativity, critical thinking, agility, and many other useful capabilities which a manager working in the fashion and luxury industry needs.

The Online Business Bachelor with Fashion & Luxury Business dives deep into retail markets from clothing brands to pristine yachts, high-end beverages to lavish jewelry. Graduates are highly motivated, competent professionals furnished with advanced technologies to execute effectual research, practical analysis, and thorough development in order to realize change.

The Online Business Bachelor with Fashion & Luxury Business provides students with a comprehensive segmentation of the market with an in-depth look at how technologies and innovative advancements are changing the way in which business is conducted today.

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