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Earn your Online Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation with Management (General) (hereinafter - Online Business Bachelor with Management) from a worldwide accredited institution. This specialized degree offers students from across the globe the opportunity to transform the way business is conducted today. Arming students with the skills to work and lead teams in an ever-changing digital age, our tech-focused management degree focuses on agility and innovation as major factors to one’s success.

Considering the current state of uncertainty in the world where countries are adapting markets to circumvent economic hardship and businesses are having to pivot, looking at new digital models, in order to meet the demands of their customers and stay afloat, there is no better time to study for your Online Business Bachelor with Management. Even before the pandemic, it was becoming clear that artificial intelligence, data science and cyber security were among many fashionable career paths that would be here to stay in light of our newfound digital revolution. Now with a vast majority of the workforce working remotely, there is a greater need, more so than ever before, for highly competent business leaders able to take the reins and navigate our new digital-driven reality, empowering and inspiring teams at distance.

Throughout the Online Business Bachelor with Management, students will look at a range of business topics from design thinking and product innovation to business model design and knowledge management. These subjects prepare students for the challenges that lay ahead. Online Business Bachelor with Management students graduate with the aptitude to navigate international negotiations, conduct market research and development, and operate with sustainable and ethical business practices in mind. Taking management to a whole new level, our ingeniously designed curriculum recognizes the volatility in the market today and focuses on nurturing tomorrow’s business execs, life-long learners and doers able to acclimate to unpredictable markets, detect problems and facilitate innovative solutions.

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